Glasby Pallet’s use Active Drive Assist

Glasby Pallets

Active Drive Assist builds upon adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function and the lane-keeping assistant from Mercedes-Benz. While responsibility for monitoring the traffic situation remains with the driver, the system provides significant support and makes an important contribution to increased road safety, the company says.

Another innovation in the new Actros is the replacement of the main exterior mirrors and wide-angle mirrors with mirror-cams as standard. Mercedes-Benz says the mirror-cam improves aerodynamics, safety and vehicle handling. The system consists of two cameras mounted on the outside of the vehicle and two 15-inch displays on the A-pillars inside the driver’s cab.

The lack of exterior mirrors, along with new rear-edge flaps also help to improve the Actros’ aerodynamics, which goes on to improve fuel consumption. In addition, the intelligent Predictive Powertrain Control for cruise-control and gear shifting operates even more efficiently and can now also be used on country roads thanks to its expanded map material. Finally, a new, fuel-saving rear-axle ratio is in use. Mercedes say these can result in fuel savings of up to 3% on highways and 5% on country roads.

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