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Frequently Asked Questions What pallet do I need for the specific load I have? Answer :- The Safe Working Load of a pallet is very much dependant upon a variety of factors, such as the construction of the pallet, the material it is made of and the load it has to bear. Pallet failures are usually relating to bending in the bearers of a deckboard or the deckboard itself although there can be failures for other reasons. There are a huge number of international  standards relating to working loads but these can be confusing and may not be practically useful as a pallet may have several working load requirements due to the user's types of load and the arrangement of the load on the pallet. The Safe Working Load is assessed by taking into account the size of the pallet, the material it is made of, the thickness of the material, the construction of the pallet and the load it has to bear. It is important not to over specify as this can mean unnecessary expense. To protect goods in transit and storage and to ensure good health and safety practices for operatives the selection of the correct pallet is extremely important. Do you need help in selecting the best pallet for your transport requirements? As a leading manufacturer and supplier of wooden and plastic pallets, Glasby Pallets have vast levels of experience and knowledge in advising customers on the correct pallet to use, and would be pleased to help - give us a call to arrange a visit from one of our pallet experts.