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Pallet Disposal Our pallet disposal service offers a total clearance of all old and odd size pallets that need to be cleared from your site. We try to find ways that you can generate income from unwanted pallets or find the most economical way of reducing your waste. Here at Glasby Pallets, we are serious about pallet  recycling. We recycle all our used, damaged, and beyond  repair pallets. We are concerned about the environment and  are aware of the changes within our environment. We try  our best to repair and restore pallets as much as possible,  however when irrepairable we can shred it in our shredder  so it can be re-processed in other industries – none of our  pallets get sent to landfill. Those of which are repairable we  restore and sell for up to 50% less than the price of new  pallets, saving you money. Before we sell our refurbished  pallets we check them to our high standards, examining  them and grading them.  Glasby Pallets are licensed by the Environment Agency as  registered Waste Carriers. For a no obligation quote, please contact 0114 354 0040 Waste carriers licence number CB/SE5307RV