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Pallet Management Wooden and plastic pallets, new and used are constantly in use throughout the many areas of British Industry with a total of around 120 million pallets in general circulation, carrying, holding and transporting goods from manufacturers and  suppliers to their eventual destination. Whilst being manufactured to individual specifications by the purchaser, there is often no control over pallet re-use, or re- sale of the original pallet further down the supply chain. Glasby Pallets is one of the largest pallet recycling companies in the UK. As soon as unwanted pallets have been brought into our yard they go through a strict quality monitored  sorting process. There they are sorted into pallets that can be repaired & those that cannot. To help maintain our environment, Glasby Pallets maximise the re-use of materials through our dedicated pallet recycling area. All elements of a pallet, which might previously have been scrapped, are stripped down. All reusable parts such as, blocks, boards and even nails are used to create new,  remanufactured pallets.
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Glasby Pallets utilise a vastly experienced team of pallet repairers who can quickly & effectively repair all types of wooden pallets. Glasby Pallets is highly aware of environmental issues & correctly disposes of all unusable wood waste to be recycled. Pallet Collection Glasby Pallets offer the service of unwanted pallet collection. All redundant pallets are removed and taken to our depot for grading. A credit is subsequently shown on the customers account. All pallets entering our depot are thoroughly checked to maintain our high levels of quality control. Good pallets are then placed into available stock, broken or damaged pallets are repaired. All pallets that haven't met our strict quality control criteria are repaired to the manufacturers original specification. Glasby Pallets ensure all repairs are carried out using new grade 1 timber and steel ring-shanked nails. A trained and qualified pallet repairer carries out these repairs, always adhering to stringent safety procedures. Scrap pallets which are unable to be repaired are recycled, aiding in the production of man made board products such as chipboard.