New Pallets

Glasby Pallets are highly focused on the development of new and existing relationships – We are able to offer a bespoke design service as well as handcrafted manufactured pallets by a Skilled Pallet manufacture.

We believe our flexible customer focused approach to New Pallet design and manufacturing offers our customers a tailored made solution to meet any and all requirement whilst withholding our high standards. We are constantly looking to develop a better understanding with new techniques, different varieties of timbers to try and enhance the range of New Pallets we can offer our customers.

We can also offer an ‘Stock / Call Off’ solution where we will hold stock on our site for our customers to be able to call off against for delivery when it suits – Meaning we take away the issue of valuable warehouse/storage space being taken up by Pallets waiting to be used.

All Timber used to manufacture our pallets are purchased direct from FSC accredited saw mills.

If you would like to know more about our business please contact us to request any information or a quotation from one of the team – Who are always happy to help!

We pride ourselves at putting the customer first