Glasby Pallets ar now RHA accredited

Glasby Pallets

From the 1st of May 2019 we are happy to announce we are a member of the Road Haulage Association.

The road Haulage Association is a not for profit trade association who is dedicated to the interest of the road haulage industry, which we have a large amount of involvement with, as we are doing a large amount of deliveries day in day out.

They run a few different campaigns to try and benefit the haulage firms – the campaigns are
• Increasing Speed Limits – They were highly involved in getting the speed for vehicles weighing over 7.5 tonnes increased to 50mph from 40mph
• HGV Road User Levy – RHA were also behind getting the taxation gap between UK and foreign registered vehicles.
• Fuel Duty – An alliance with Fair Fuel UK to try and help change HM Treasury’s stance of the duty of road fuel.
• Love the Lorry – This was launched in 2015 with the house of commons, this is an annual series of events aimed at the public to education and promote careers in logistics.

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